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Round 4: Business as Usual

I am happy to announce that I have four rounds under my belt. Much like rounds one and three, I have followed the same schedule and strength combination:

Chelator Doses Strength
DMSA (dimercaptosuccinic acid) 18 12.5 mg

What can I say? It went very smoothly. I did notice that I felt better on days two and three, and my worst yesterday — my first day off round.

I am thinking that round five is when I experiment with my first strength increase. Instead of moving my strength up to 18.75 mg (1.5x increase) I am instead going to change my schedule from every four-hours to every three-hours. The net result will be almost the same (16.67 mg), with the only change being that I need to create six more capsules using my same capsule splitting protocol.

Sunday Night Ritual Version 3.0

In the spirit of competition, I decided to time myself (again) preparing my supplements and DMSA for the week ahead. Here are last week’s numbers:

Start Time End Time Length
Supplements 9:57 PM 10:08 PM 11 min
DMSA 10:13 PM 10:28 PM 15 min
Total: 26 min

And here are the new numbers from tonight’s exercise:

Start Time End Time Length
Supplements 8:24 PM 8:35 PM 11 min
DMSA 8:36 PM 8:49 PM 13 min
Total: 24 min

It appears I have plateaued when filling my supplements pill planner, but managed to eek out another two-minutes when creating my DMSA capsules. That’s a reduction of 15%. Not too bad. I doubt I will see much more improvements moving forward, and wouldn’t be surprised if the time increases when I switch my dosing from every four-hours to every three-hours.