Wahls Paleo: One Week In

One week into the new diet/lifestyle and I can report that I am experiencing more vertigo now than I was before starting. It’s been a while since the world abruptly spun on me without any warning, so this current setback is unfortunate.

I have a few theories as to why this may be occurring:

  • I may have introduced a food that is increasing inflammation, leading to stronger symptoms
  • The changes may have decreased inflammation, lessoning my need for custom prisms on my corrective lenses. This, in turn, redefines my existing lenses from a benefit to a detriment
  • The sheer amount of nutrients I am flooding my body with is allowing cells to better detoxify on their own, leading to the prominent detoxification symptoms I am now experiencing

My hope is that it’s the second or third, or maybe a combination of both. To help test the first theory, I plan on having an ALCAT test performed to determine which foods my body may be intolerant of. Based on the findings, I will adjust my diet accordingly and monitor my reaction.