Sunday Night Ritual Version 5.0

Last week, like the week before, I came in with a total preparation time of 24 minutes. I figured I plateaued and would not see any significant gains moving forward. Last week’s numbers:

Start Time End Time Length
Supplements 10:04 PM 10:14 PM 10 min
DMSA 10:16 PM 10:30 PM 14 min
Total: 24 min

Tonight’s preparation exercise came in dramatically lower; four-minutes to be exact:

Start Time End Time Length
Supplements 9:53 PM 10:02 PM 9 min
DMSA 10:05 PM 10:16 PM 11 min
Total: 20 min

I am not exactly sure what wiped nearly 17% of my preparation time off, but I am not complaining. It appears the majority of savings came from preparing DMSA, but I am surprised to see a minute shaved off when packing supplements. This week I introduced another supplement—a probiotic—into the mix. If anything, I figured I would lose time, not save it.