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Sunday Night Ritual Version 7.0

It’s Sunday night, so that can mean only one thing: time to prepare my supplements and DMSA for the week. Last week’s numbers:

Start Time End Time Length
Supplements 10:45 PM 10:55 PM 10 min
DMSA 10:30 PM 10:41 PM 11 min
Total: 21 min

Somehow I managed to knock another minute off of my supplements preparation time tonight:

Start Time End Time Length
Supplements 9:53 PM 10:02 PM 9 min
DMSA 10:04 PM 10:15 PM 11 min
Total: 20 min

If all goes well, week eight should be the last week where I take 18.75 mg of DMSA. Starting with week nine, I intend to titrate up to 25 mg. Not only is this the next increase in strength (nearly my half-way point for DMSA strengths), I also do not need to create my own DMSA capsules for the next few rounds.