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Sunday Night Ritual–Round 17

It’s round 17, so time to post another time-fest for preparations. Here were the numbers for round 16:

Start Time End Time Length
Supplements 10:54 PM 11:03 PM 9 min
ALA / DMSA 10:27 PM 10:52 PM 25 min
Total: 34 min

And here are tonight’s delightful numbers:

Start Time End Time Length
Supplements 9:17 PM 9:25 PM 8 min
ALA / DMSA 9:29 PM 9:44 PM 15 min
Total: 23 min

You’ll notice that improvements were found in both preparations. The minute saved while preparing the supplements (I could only guess) comes from the fact that I only needed to open one new bottle tonight. As for the 10-minute shaving from my ALA / DMSA preparations, I believe that has to do with two things:

  • I titrated up to 18.75 mg, which in turn means that I take 1/4 from each of three full capsules and and drop it in a new capsule. I then close the three capsules with 3/4 of the content remaining. This means I only have to create six-new capsules, with the remaining 18 coming from the 3/4 full capsules I closed back up
  • The capsules could barely hold 25 mg of DMSA plus 12.5 mg of ALA. With the increase of ALA I could no longer combine the chelators into a single capsule. This means I don’t have to also add the DMSA to each capsule. Big time saver.

I have four-weeks of this routine before I attempt to titrate my ALA up to 25 mg. Once I successfully move up my ALA strength I will no longer need to create my own capsules for at least four more weeks, when I again attempt to titrate up my ALA to 37.5 mg.