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Sunday Night Ritual–Round 15

As I do (almost) every week, I’ll first start off with the times for the previous round preparation, round 14:

Start Time End Time Length
Supplements 9:31 PM 9:40 PM 9 min
ALA / DMSA 9:42 PM 10:10 PM 28 min
Total: 37 min

And here are tonight’s numbers:

Start Time End Time Length
Supplements 8:30 PM 8:42 PM 12 min
ALA / DMSA 8:47 PM 9:09 PM 22 min
Total: 34 min

The increase of three-minutes for the supplements preparation can be attributed to the fact that I exhausted six different supplements mid-fill and had to open new bottles. An average of 30-seconds per bottle isn’t bad, considering the manufacturer makes them more than merely tamper proof. I swear, they use super glue on these things.

I am happy to shave six-minutes (~21%) off of my ALA / DMSA preparation time. The quick reference matrix is really paying off. While I would like to relish this small victory, I have to be realistic and realize that any further improvements for this specific dosage won’t come anywhere close to this. I would not be surprised if I am now over the hump and fighting against the law of diminishing returns.