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Base Ten for the Win, Sorry Loss

I guess ten consecutive rounds without issue is my personal best. This morning at 3AM I missed a dose. I am not sure how or why, all I know is at 7AM I noticed that I still had two DMSA capsules resting on my nightstand.

To say that I am upset is an understatement. I was cruising along so well up until this morning. For someone who can sleep through a “dump truck driving through a nitroglycerin plant,” the fact that I hadn’t yet missed a dose in the middle of the night is pretty amazing.

What am I to do? It appears I will need to make the alarm unreachable from the comforts of my bed. Much like I did with my alarm clock years ago, I will be forced to remove myself from the warm comforts of slumber to silence the nagging annoyance.

Absent Only From My Blog

You may be wondering where I have been recently. For the past few weeks I have only posted when I was timing my sunday night rituals, failing to also publish a post-round update. To be honest, there really is nothing to post, yet.

The first 12-rounds of DMSA are just a requirement after having my dental amalgam removed before I can truly start the protocol and introduce Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA). Tonight I started round 11, and am growing eager thinking that in only two-weeks I will be swallowing my first dose of ALA. So eager, in fact, that I just placed my first order for ALA tonight.

As for anything else new, I can’t really say there is. I continue to deal with my symptoms on a daily basis, doing my best to manage them while being a positive contributor to society. If there was anything of benefit to share, I would post it. But, truth be told, I have nothing.

Stay tuned; round 13 is when the ship departs the perceivably safe harbor and heads out on an unchartered mission—at least unchartered for me. The turbulent and unforgiving sea will be my nemesis and my pen (or keyboard) the outlet. Until then, enjoy the fish and chips, they’re caught fresh daily!