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Hair Test Results - 2015.01.15

I just received my hair test results back from Doctor’s Data, and based on the counting rules outlined by Dr. Cutler in “Hair Test Interpretation” the data indicates deranged mineral transport. First, the raw results:

After running through the first four (of five total) rules, I have concluded that I meet one rule, with a second rule as a possibility. The two rules I believe I meet are as follows:

Rule 3: Four or more essential elements crossing into the red bands. I have three essential elements clearly in the red (zinc, lithium and strontium) with chromium a possible fourth. If chromium’s tip crossing the plane into the red counts, this meets rule 3.

Rule 4: 11 or less essential elements in the white or green bands. I count 11 essential elements that meet this rule (sodium, potassium, copper, boron, iodine, phosphorus, selenium, sulfur, cobalt, iron and zirconium).

I wish that I would’ve had a hair analysis performed back before I started the Cutler Protocol, but even after a year it appears that mercury could still be the problem.