The Wahls Protocol

While researching genetics, and focusing in on the Yasko protocol, I stumbled upon an article titled “A simpler Yasko protocol: eat veggies?” that introduced me to Terry Wahls, MD. Terry Wahls is a medical doctor who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and through dietary changes, along with exercise and stress management, reversed her condition in a dramatic way. In 2011, she spoke at TEDx in Iowa, and the video was an eye-opener for me. I highly encourage you to find the time (~18-minutes) to watch it.

I have often wondered why I have been stricken with my symptoms, and genetics seemed to be the natural path to investigate. Along the way, I learned about epigenetics, and how genes can express themselves when certain conditions are met. Think of it like a car: If you properly maintain your car, and use quality materials, it will run better and give you less problems. Start to neglect your car’s needs, and it starts to idle rough and eventually breaks down prematurely.

Your body is no different. If you eat nutrient dense foods that your body needs, while maintaining yourself (stress management, exercise), your body will function much smoother than if you eat junk food and live a stressful, sedentary lifestyle. This is the underlying concept of the Wahls Protocol, a system that Terry Wahls, MD devised to help people treat their underlying causes of disease rather than mask symptoms with medications.

I purchased her latest book, “The Wahls Protocol”, and for the last week have employed her second tier diet, Wahls Paleo. The stress management aspect has been difficult, and I have been researching techniques that will help me manage it better. As for exercise, I have been forcing myself to be more physically active and hope that with time I will add more physical activities to my day.

So where does this leave me with chelating? What I have found is that my issue with metals is most likely due to a system running on poor fuel and in bad need of maintenance. The changes I am making should address this issue, with my body repairing itself to better handle toxin loads. This will, in effect, allow me to start ridding myself of my current toxin burden, while protecting me from future exposures.