Big DMSA Changes

This week has seen a couple different changes to my DMSA regimen:

  1. I now source my DMSA from Living Supplements. They not only offer a wider variety than most from a strengths perspective, they also have a compounding pharmacy that can create custom strengths, if needed. Compared to the price my own compounding pharmacy charges, Living Supplements’ prices are incredible.

  2. I increased my dose strength from 25mg to 37.5mg, with the intention of landing at 50mg in the next four-weeks. I haven’t increased the strengths of ALA or DMSA in a long while and decided now was as good a time as any to do so.

I wish that I could write more, but I am feeling a little more brain fog than normal on this round and feel the best option for me is rest and relaxation. Now if only the muscle spasm in my right arm would give it a rest!