Monday’s Are So…

For the past few weeks, Mondays have been a bit rougher than normal. For a visual simulation of what I mean, I will now ask Garfield to explain:

Monday’s are one of the two worst days of the week for me. It’s the day I start my rounds, and it seems that I have issues with the first few doses. By Wednesday I am feeling (somewhat) back to normal, and Thursday — my first day off round — reminds me just how much is stinks to stop a round.

I have been making steady progress, albeit slowly, towards a time when my light intolerance, dizziness, vertigo, and eye fatigue will be manageable, and hopefully nonexistent. But it has been a journey, and I only notice my slight improvements when my symptoms return to their previous glory.

For the last few weeks, I have been feeling worse than usual. Activities like walking in the grocery store, turning my head at a normal pace, and looking at monitors/screens for short bursts have all been harder to do recently. Every week at the grocery store I am reminded how far I have come, now that I am being forced to experience it as I had just nine-months previous.

Last week I blamed a cold; I figured that the head congestion exasperated my condition, making me more dizzy than usual. I have no excuse for today. I woke up with my normal level of congestion (still chronic), and yet I was hit with a short bout of vertigo while walking through my kitchen. I was even forced to lower the contrast on my monitor to be able to look at it for any period of time.

I have no idea what could be causing these sudden increases in symptoms. Some online have written about a “dump phase”, which this could very well be. Reading the link from the previous sentence:

The dump/stall phase will NOT take years and years! Maybe a couple of months for most as the chart suggests, for a few rare folks longer (and/or maybe as Brian suggests, worse sfx for those with not only Hg + but also many other kinds of metals which cause bad synergies during the dump/stall?)

Based on the results from my doctor, mercury is not the sole heavy metal that I am dealing with. Aluminum and cadmium make an appearance, and arsenic had shown up on initial scans. Maybe what I am experiencing is the dump phase, only made worse by the fact that my body is a hoarder of different heavy metals.

Whatever the cause, I will continue fighting until I am better. I have made it this far, and I am not about to throw in the towel.