Sunday Night Ritual–Round 25

Multitasking: that thing we claim to be good at, but science has proven otherwise. I was so preoccupied with watching a show on the television that I forgot to time myself. It’s a good thing I remembered to actually pack my supplements.

Next week, round 26, is the next big step. I will increase my ALA dose strength to 37.5 mg, one step closer to the max. Once I max out ALA, I will then move on to DMSA titration.

I wish I could report on my positive results, or how I am feeling loads better, but then I would be lying. Every time I start to get down about my progress I remember that this is a marathon not a sprint. Many people have been down this path before me, and their journeys all lasted beyond two-years, with some stretching out three-years plus. Every slight, noticeable improvement along the way is a small celebration towards the finish line. I just wish I could see the finish line.