A Documentary on Mercury Contamination

I just discovered “Mercury Undercover”, another documentary on the dangers of dental amalgam fillings. From their site:

“Mercury Undercover” exposes the cause and effect of the well-hidden evidence of mercury contamination as seen through the eyes of doctors, scientists, environmental experts and mercury-poisoned survivors. This film exposes the nature of people and the terrible things that some do just for the sake of money. It is a gripping tale that will make you think twice before you eat your next catch-of-the-day or plan your next visit to the dentist’s office.

The documentary is available via Amazon Instant Video, DVD or for a $1.99 rental fee on YouTube. It would be nice if this was also listed on Netflix or iTunes.

Update: I just noticed that it will be available on iTunes on December 10th, 2013. It doesn’t show whether it will be available for rent.