Sunday Night Ritual Version 2.0

Last week I timed myself preparing my supplements and DMSA for the week and published my results. The following table is a quick refresher on the results from last week:

Start Time End Time Length
Supplements 9:12 PM 9:26 PM 14 min
DMSA 9:27 PM 9:55 PM 28 min
Total: 42 min

I believed that I could shave some time off if I created “a matrix of common weights, allowing me to simply glance at a chart rather than reach for the pencil.” That is exactly what I did and I have the results to share with you. What follows are my times from tonight’s exercise:

Start Time End Time Length
Supplements 9:57 PM 10:08 PM 11 min
DMSA 10:13 PM 10:28 PM 15 min
Total: 26 min

I managed to reduce my supplements preparation time by three-minutes, a reduction of 21%. I did nothing different last week, so I can only assume that repetition has shown its reward tonight.

I also shaved 13-minutes off when creating my DMSA capsules. That’s a 46% reduction in time utilized. By simply using a prepared matrix in place of realtime calculations I managed to almost cut preparation time in half. Even if repetition played a part (taking into account the 21% improvement from the supplements time), the matrix still delivered a seven-minute (or 23%) improvement to last week’s effort.

Not all news is good: I managed to lose a handful of vitamin E capsules in the process. Because vitamin E capsules seem to stick together when left alone for a while I decided to vigorously shake the bottle before opening it. It appears the flip top lid Puritan’s Pride uses is not that strong, leading to 15 gel capsules going airborne.