The Apple Core Myth

According to James Hamblin of The Atlantic, “Apple Cores Are a Myth.” From the article:

The core is a product of society, man. There is a thin fibrous band, smaller in diameter than a pencil and not bad to the taste. If you eat your apple vertically, it is not noticeable.

By throwing out the apple cores we in turn waste 30 percent of the produce. James crunches some numbers to put that waste into perspective:

If each of us eats an apple a day, as we all do, and we are all wasting 30 percent of our apples at $1.30 per pound, that’s about $42 wasted per person per year—which is $13.2 billion annually, thrown in the trash or fed to pigs.

It’s a great article and has a bonus video of how to eat an apple vertically. As someone who eats apples daily, this very well could impact me everyday.

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